Route change - Budapest to Istanbul

After advise from cyclists in Budapest and Vienna we have decided to follow the Danube through Serbia towards Bulgaria and Romania, rather than take a northern route through Romania as shown on our map. The reason, a lot fewer hills! But don't worry, we're still on track for the record as we're covering very similar mileage in the an eastly direction.



George and J

Canterbury to Budapest.


(via Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Bratislava) .


Our journey so far has taken us across the continent of Europe in an easterly direction, through eight countries as well as passing through each capital city. We simply could not have asked for a better introduction to this adventure. Having had a delicious taste of each and every culture on the way through Europe, we can only be excited for the rest of the journey ahead.


We would be lying if we said that at no point in the run up to this journey were we apprehensive, because travelling to new and unknown places (especially by bike) can be intimidating, no matter who you are. However from day one, these apprehensions and worries were shattered, and we haven't looked back.


We may only be 1 month into this 10 month saga, but I for one have already had the experience of a lifetime. There have been highs and lows, and without a doubt this will continue. However what will also continue, I'm sure, is the way in which the highs have outweighed the lows in an enormous fashion.


The most rewarding and surprising aspect of the trip so far for me has been the outward generosity of strangers along the way. We have been met with nothing but kindness throughout the trip so far, whether it's a warm smile from the side of the road or the offer of a shower or a meal and a bed for the night. The human race really is pretty amazing.


Our European leg is nearly over, next we head through the Middle East and into Asia. The adventure continues!


Thanks for reading!




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