The Point of No Return

Sitting down with your parents and telling them your ludicrous plan to cycle the world, is always going to be a big step to take. And at the time I thought it might seal the deal for me, ensuring I followed through with my plans; now the world knows, there is no turning back right? Well not so, there is always a way out, especially when your mother confirms at the dinner table that 'you won't be thought of as a failure if it never materialises'. But when you tell your plans to a woman who has rowed the Atlantic Ocean and to a man who has skied to the North Pole, the game changes. That's when you actually reach the point of no return.

Thankfully, that happened in abundance this weekend, as I walked the corridors of the Royal Geographical Society for the annual gathering of Explorers and Adventurers at Explore 2015. With every corner you turned there was a new face asking intently and earnestly 'what's your next expedition?', a conversation would pursue, and before you know it you had riveted your plan once again into the fabric of reality. 

They say the hardest part of your expedition is getting to the starting line, and at the moment I can quite believe them. There are many milestones ahead, and a few obstacles to jump, but after this weekend, I can guarantee we'll make it to the start line, one way or another.

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